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1 How many standardized nursing languages are there?

The American Nurses Association recognizes 12 languages for nursing. © NANDA International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

2 Is there any regulatory mandate that patient problems, interventions and outcomes included in an EHR, should be stated using NANDA-I terminology?

There is no regulatory mandate; however NANDA International nursing diagnoses are strongly suggested by standards organizations for inclusion into the EHR. Several international expert papers and studies promote inclusion of the NANDA-I taxonomy into the…

3 What are the differences among standardized nursing languages?

Many nursing languages claim to be standardized; some are simply a list of terms, others provide definitions of those terms. NANDA-I maintains that a standardized language that represents any profession should provide, at a minimum, an evidence-based definition,…

4 What is standardized nursing language?

Standardized nursing language (SNL) is a commonly-understood set of terms used to describe the clinical judgments involved in assessments (nursing diagnoses), along with the interventions, and outcomes related to the documentation of nursing care. VIDEO FAQ…

5 What is the connection between standardized nursing language and patient safety?

Patient safety requires that clinicians quickly grasp the priority needs of a patient. Use of language that requires a written narrative is no longer effective in today’s high acuity environment. Just as the medical discipline uses standardized language…