A nursing conceptual model for contamination with education and practice implications

NANDA International 2012 Conference Abstract
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Session 2.6
Education & Implementation Track
Oral Poster

Laura V. Polk
Pauline M. Green

To promote the use of a nursing conceptual model for contamination among nurse educators and practitioners through case presentations and discussion. What strategies promote the use of a nursing conceptual model for contamination in nursing education and practice?

Results / Findings
The use of a nursing conceptual model for contamination will support sound clinical judgments to achieve health outcomes including prevention of contamination, management of contamination incidents, and restoration of health.

Discussion / Conclusion
The nursing conceptual model described here provides an approach to nursing in the event of human and environmental contamination. The model contains six elements that provide a cognitive structure for integrating nursing knowledge and skills essential for preventing and responding to contamination incidents.

A literature review on contamination and biopreparedness obtained through biomedical and nursing databases was conducted and findings were synthesized into a nursing model based on standardized nursing language, nursing process, and the Taxonomy of Nursing Practice.

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