Health promotion and health awareness: needed development

NANDA International 2012 Conference Abstract
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Session 2.1
Education & Implementation Track

Arlene Farren

The purpose of the presentation is to examine Domain I (Health Promotion), Class 1 (Health Awareness), of Taxonomy II. What concepts are associated with Domain 1, Class 1 in Taxonomy II?

Results / Findings
There were no results for use of the combination of the main search terms (health promotion, health awareness, and nursing diagnosis). Individual search terms had high yields. Results were narrowed by research, date of publication, and attention to health promotion, awareness, and risk assessment. Evidence was primarily descriptive in nature.

Discussion / Conclusion
The literature suggests that health awareness and health risk awareness are important to assist people to enhance personal health and prevent illness or the worsening of chronic health problems. However, knowledge alone is not effective. Actualizing human health potentials for enhancing health behaviors requires nursing diagnoses conceptually linked to health promotion and health awareness. Currently there are no diagnoses developed in Taxonomy I, Domain 1, Class 1. Nurses need nursing diagnoses to accurately and collaboratively (with people) provide effective nursing interventions to achieve nurse-sensitive patient outcomes.

A review of the literature using the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Medline, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition was conducted. The following search terms were used; health promotion, health awareness, health risk assessment, health literacy, nursing diagnosis, and standardized nursing languages.

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