Application of the Adams Influence Model (AIM) and the Model of the Interrelationship of Leadership, Environment and Outcomes for Nurse Executives (MILE ONE) in NNN Adoption

NANDA International 2012 Conference Abstract
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Session 1.1
Education & Implementation Track

Jeff Adams
Lilia Meraz Gottfried
Irene Ramirez Neumeister

The purpose of this study is to understanding the process of influence within a hospital moving toward language standardization within an electronic documentation system.  Influence is essential for the discipline of nursing.  A recent Gallup/RWJF study suggests that nursing leadership should have more influence across many settings. One venue for this increased influence can and should be nursing language standardization. What are the experiences of nursing leadership influencing NNN adoption and practice environment improvement in a California District Hospital?

Results / Findings
While significant learning took place as documentation content was developed, each of the clinical staff participating in CIDR on a weekly basis became team increasingly engaged in their profession and organization, with 75% having committed to continuing higher education programs; one has enrolled in a BSN program, three have prepared applications for BSN programs, two have enrolled in masters programs, and two have plans to pursue doctoral education. In addition, participants in Project CIDR have embraced the need for evidence-based practice and have assumed more formalized leadership roles within both their organization and profession.

Discussion / Conclusion
This presentation highlights CIDR clinicians’ experiences as they relate to learning/ articulating the value of language standardization as expressed through qualitative interviews. Results provide further validation of the AIM and MILE ONE and the importance of nursing leadership emphasis on language standardization as a process to enhance the PPWE to produce quality outcomes.

The Clinical Interdisciplinary Documentation Redesign project, (Project CIDR) was initiated as a Case Study using the concept framework of the Adams Influence Model (AIM) and the guiding principals of the Model of the Interrelationship of Leadership, Environment and Outcomes for Nurse Executives (MILE ONE to improve coordination between organizational policies, practices and documentation through language standardization. Project CIDR consisted of 6 staff-led teams. Within each of team, an emphasis was placed on the need for standardized nursing language as a mechanism to improve communication and produce measurable value of nursing care.

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