Nursing interventions for placing peripheral intravascular catheters: opinion of Portuguese and Brazilian nurses

NANDA International 2012 Conference Abstract
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Session 2.2
Clinical Judgement Track
Oral Poster

Luciene M. Braga
Cristina Arreguy Sena
Luciene Carnevale de Souza
Karen Vianelo Ferreira
Tábata Horácio Mendes Vieira

To validate the content of nursing interventions to treat “Risk for vascular trauma related to catheter placement” in the perspective of Portuguese and Brazilian nurses. What do the nurses from the distinct cultures recommend as therapeutic interventions for the process of peripheral intravascular catheters (IV) placement?

Seven Portuguese nurses and 92 Brazilian nurses participated, respectively, with teaching, assistance, research and management representatives who attended to the Arreguy-Sena criteria (2002) for experts in the studied field.  We validated 18 interventions, obtained 11 and 12 therapeutic proposals approved by the Portuguese and the Brazilians (≥0.80); 7 of them needed to be re-evaluated according to the Portuguese and 6 according to the Brazilians (0.68-0.79). 11 interventions of agreements with the cultures were identified.

We have identified answer profiles according to histogram: ascendant curves with tracing coincidence; ascendant curves with tracing proximity; divergent tracing with approximation and with widening/detachment.  The diversity of clinic experiences makes nurses understand the peculiarities as exceptions and indicate specific and individualized interventions.  There was a positioning similarity: setting and stabilizing the catheter; grooming; performing dressing; adapting the dressing according to the age and client profile and visualizing the insertion and adjacent areas to the IV catheter. The influence of the academic/continued formation or the segment of protocols/international conduct constitutes intervenient factors that explain the usage of a pattern among professionals with distinct time experiences.

Descriptive research with Portuguese and Brazilian nurses. Sample by typicality with exclusion of participants who: responded ≤20% from the survey; have not self-assessed with good or excellent performance; were not recommended by their co-workers; had ≤5 years of professional performance; estimated to have done at least one thousand  IV punctures. Instrument with closed questions, using the Likert scale and open questions for the inclusion of suggestions. We have adopted an agreement index of ≥80%. Ethical demands attended both cultures.

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