When a diagnosis is revised, how do we know what was changed? I noticed changes to some diagnoses, but they are not listed as revisions – why?

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We are including a table that highlights changes considered by DDC to be revisions that were made, beginning with the previous edition (definition revised, defining characteristics added/removed, etc.). However the best way to see each individual change is to compare the current edition with the previous one. We do not consider minor editing of the diagnoses to be revisions. For example, if a defining characteristic is noted to have two separate foci, these may be divided into two separate characteristics. However, because the content has not changed, but merely the presentation of that content, this is not considered a revision. These revisions may be made to facilitate coding of component parts of the diagnoses (defining characteristics, related or risk factors) within electronic health records, or to standardize terms used for the component parts of the diagnoses. In these cases, there is no formal revision and therefore no revision date is identified.

An example is shown below of an editorial change to defining characteristics:

Risk for Electrolyte Imbalance
2009-2011 Edition
Fluid imbalance (e.g., dehydration, water intoxication)

2012-2014 Edition
Deficient fluid volume
Excess fluid volume

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